Gwo-Jen Hwang

Dr. Hwang serves as an editorial board member and a reviewer for more than 50 academic journals of educational technology and e-learning. He has also been the principal investigator of more than 150 research projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology as well as Ministry of Education in Taiwan. He received the annual most Outstanding Researcher Award from the National Science Council of Taiwan in the years of 2007, 2010 and 2013. Moreover, in 2016, he was announced by Times Higher Education as being the most prolific and cited researcher in the world in the field of social sciences He is the scholar who defined the term “seamless flipped learning” as “mobile technology-enhanced flipped classroom with effective learning strategies. ”In 2018, Dr. Hwang was invited by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative to record the Flipped Learning 3.0 Certification Level-I program, showing that his competencies of flipped learning teaching and research have been highly recognized by the global flipped learning community.